Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our Crazy Life

To say that I am a bit behind on my blogging would be a ridiculous understatement....so we'll just get right down to the past 6 months!

Life with boys....shall I say more? We had two ER visits with the boys recently.  Thankfully the worst of it resulted in 3 stitches for Cameron in his lower lip. 

Mia continues to be our animal lover.  Her kitten "Jilly" can often be found wrapped like a baby in her lap.
Cameron celebrated his 7th birthday this year with his friends from school and church at Peter Piper.  We also had a family party at our house so he somehow managed to get double the presents this year...he didn't seem to mind too much! (we are in the odd-faces-in-pictures stage....)

A few days later we got ready for Halloween by carving our pumpkin and going Trick or Treating with some good friends.  Lots of fun fall traditions!

This year we went Trick or Treating with Bumblebee, a pirate, and Jessie!

I finished my first 10K with Michael and a good friend before Christmas.   It has been a goal of mine for the past year or so and in Phoenix we only have a few months of outside running temps (in my opinion) so this race could not have come at a more perfect time!

My biggest fan!

Mia turned 5 in November followed the next week by Micah Drew who turned the big 3.  We had a combined birthday party at the train park in Scottsdale with family and friends.  It was so much fun!

Just before Christmas, we took a family trip to Disneyland!  It was really fun surprising the kids on Thanksgiving night in front of the family.  We left after Thanksgiving dinner and the traditional football game and drove to Cali.  It was great because the kids slept most of the way which made for a pleasant car-ride for mom and dad. ;)
We spent a few days at the park and Mia rode her first "big girl" ride, Thunder Mountain!  She loved it!  She had her little arms up in the air the entire time and screamed "This is so much fun!!!" every time the train climed a hill. :-D

Now this is what a good day at the park looks like around 10pm!

Cam and Mia thought it was "so cool" that they could ride alone together in their own row on a ride.  How did they get so big?

Thankful for daddy's strong arms during looooong lines.  Daddy slept well that night too!

The month of December was filled with traditions and memories with family and friends.  We went to Glendale Glitters one evening to celebrate my sister's birthday and Micah HAD to get a picture w/ Santa.  I thought this was funny since this was the ONLY Santa he would take a picture with (notice Santa's size) this year. Can you blame the guy!?

Lots of little helpers during baking!  We had to miss out on the holiday baking day with extended family due to the flu so we had our own day of cookie decorating.  Lots of work but SO worth it!

We enjoyed having the family (nana & papa and mimi & grandpa)over for Christmas Eve brunch and this year Aunt Christine and Albion were able to join us. 

The boys trying to figure out how to fly an early present.

We had Christmas Eve dinner with extended family at our house this year.  Aunt CC narrated the Christmas Story from Luke 2 for us while everyone played a part.  Mia was Mary, Cameron was Joseph, and Drew was "the shepherds".  It was a great memory and beginning of a new tradition with extended family.

We went over to Mimi & Grandpa's for Christmas dinner.  Everyone had fun opening presents and having a relaxing evening together!

On to a new year! 
We look forward to everything the new year brings with it and are so thankful for God's continued provision and protection over our family. 
God is good!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Ok, so I'm not the best at keeping the blog updated...but here goes an attempt to cover the last few months in a nutshell!  The kids have been growing like weeds!  Cameron and Mia have both grown almost 2 inches in the past 6 months and Drew has grown almost 4!!  Wow!  They are constantly active and with that comes constant eating.  It keeps me on my toes to be creative with the "healthy" snacks.  Mia is the biggest eater I have ever seen--kinda funny that the girl of the group can out-eat the boys on any given day!  She has such a tiny stomach, she eats like a bird at each meal...but she eats 10+ meals per day! Ha! (that one's for you, Torri)

So far the summer has been full of swim lessons for all three kids, movies, and anything else we can do to try to keep cool in the torturous AZ summers.  Cameron has progressed well in his Level 2 swim lessons (he is learning the different swim strokes) and Mia Grace is almost an independent swimmer! Yippee!!  That is our #1 goal for the summer.  Micah looks forward with anticipation to his lesson, then cries just about the entire time we are in the water...maybe next summer....

As you all know, I have been struggling to balance being a mommy, working FT, and pursuing my master's degree FT which has been HARD to say the least....well, GREAT NEWS!  I am officially part-time now for K12/AZVA!  I am still able to hold my same position as the StARS Coordinator, which I love, but due to lower enrollment in academic probation for the Fall semester I am able to transition to PT.  Whoohoooo!  Can you tell I'm just a little excited!?

Michael has been doing a fantastic job with his EMT position at work.  He recently was recognized as employee of the quarter for his efforts....sorry babe, I just had to brag on you a bit! He was recognized in front of all the "big wigs" at their most recent meeting and was given public recognition for going above and beyond his job duties and responsibilities.  We are proud of him! 

Here are some pictures of some of our most recent happenings.  Hope you enjoy!

A few pictures from Cameron's T-Ball Games.  He was excited to be a part of the SF Giant's (made his Daddy proud)!

 We took a trip to Luke AFB w/ Papa to see the air show. This was a day the boys will never forget! 
Special picture w/ Papa.  This is the helicopter that holds Papa's invention, the Rollring (in the bulb above the propellers). SO COOL!

Special Boy's Day Out...fishin and shootin

 Cameron fired his 1st gun...
 Chillin w/ some friends to watch a movie!
 Our little princess and her special girly nails from "E"! Thanks, E!!
 Our Princess (and 2 ninja's) party/play date...so fun!
 Easter morning at Mimi and Grandpa's
 Cameron lost his 1st tooth!
1st Family Bowling Trip

 Super Secret Adults ONLY  trip to Disneyland....so...much...fun!  Shhhhh! (they can hear about it when they are old enough to understand)

 Cameron's Kinder graduation!  The whole family came to celebrate with us--such a great memory!
 Jackpot!  Graduation money!!!!!!!!
 Fun B-Day Party at our friend's house =)

 1st Family Fishing Trip--everyone but mom fell in the creek (yes, Michael too).  It was cooooold but we all had fun!
 Cameron (pre-plunge)....
 Drew just happy to sit at watch
 "I caught a fish!!!"
 Mia, with the prize catch of the day about 5 minutes before we decided to leave for the day...and yes, it was caught with a Barbie Fishing Pole.
 The proud fisher-woman (....post creek plunge, which is why she is sporting daddy's shirt)
 The "crew"
 Photo op w/ mommy!
 Too cool for skool
 Father's Day Hike to Tonto Bridge

 My crazy husband on top of the rock...

 ....oh, yeah!  Blackmail picture, right here!  Potty training has been slow going but slow and steady wins the race, right!?
 Celebrating Papa's Birthday in Sierra Vista